Alupod Summary

  • The Alupod is a mobile lightweight and adaptable unit, which is easily assembled.
  • The Alupod is designed to fit through doors & into lifts, making it easy to move between different work locations.
  • This innovative unit is more effective and easier to use than typical plastic sheeting (visqueen) and pole type solutions.
  • Greater efficiency in set up/take down times and lower long-term material costs make the Alupod the more economical choice.
  • The base unit measuring 1760mm accommodates a 6ft ladder and can be made to extended to 2100mm to facilitate an 8ft ladder; this eliminates the need to multi purchase.
  • This maintenance free unit is easy to clean with standard disinfectants. Due to its lightweight aluminium frame, the Alupod is easy to store and transport.
  • The unit can facilitate a medical grade H14 HEPA filtered Negative Air Machine, which provides 99.995% efficient air quality protection.
  • The Alupod is particularly useful for working with overhead ceiling tiles and overhead wires where two Alupod units can be put to use at the same time.
  • The Alupod adjusts to ceiling height of 2900mm high. Made to measure units are available upon request.