About Alupod

The Alupod is an innovative and adaptable dust control unit, manufactured by Tara Cladding  Ltd.  in conjunxtion with Galway Clinic, one of Irelands leading private hospitals. The unit provides a targeted sing application solution for containing ceiling and ceiling cavity dust and debris during construction or maintenance in controlled environments.


The Alupod is designed to provide controlled environment facilities with a lower cost & more time efficient solution for dust containment activities. The Alupod also reduces the risks associated with the spread of dust related infections (Aspergillosis) by employing a negative air machine with a medical grade HEPA filter to clean the work environment while maintenance is being carried out. The Alupod complies with dust and infection control guidelines*.

The annual savings a healthcare facility will experience by employing an Alupod can include, reduced labour & material costs due to mobility and a quicker and more efficient set up and take down of work areas, quicker room turnover times also maintenance can be carried out with little or no disruption whilst providing a safe environment for the those who need it most.

Activities an Alupod can be used for:

  • Maintenance (Replacing light bulbs in ceilings, Painting/sanding of walls)
  • Updating existing facilities (Network cabling for nurse call stations, TV systems & computer communication networking, Fire control systems & heating/ventilation maintenance & installation)
  • Renovation (Updating patient’s rooms, adding new equipment with electrical cable)
  • Remediation works (Pre work surveying)
  • Repair or removal of existing facilities (Removing sheet rock or ceiling tiles to access plumbing, cabling or HVAC systems)
  • Refurbishing (Gutting sheet rock walls, tearing down ceiling tiles, removing pipes & electrical cables)
  • Demolition (Walls, wall-boards, plaster, ceramic tiles, ceiling tiles & ceilings)
  • Construction projects


*National Guidelines for the Prevention of Nosocomial Invasive Aspergillosis during Construction & Renovation Activities. (Link).

*Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Health-Care Facilities. (Link)